GlovePlus Blue Vinyl Gloves

GlovePlus blue vinyl industrial gloves really stand out, and are intended for high visibility, while maintaining a professional appearance. Vinyl disposable gloves have a looser fit than nitrile, or latex, due to the fact that they are less stretchy. The high quality PVC material features excellent sensitivity. They are powder free so you don’t have to worry about messy powder residue.

Blue disposable non-sterile, single-use vinyl gloves for food service, painting, janitorial, and other industrial applications

Made of vinyl to help reduce allergic reaction and for activities that require frequent changes of gloves

Available in L & XL – the glove is 9.5 in. long and it’s 4 mm thickness

Utilizing thin wall technology for high levels of dexterity, its easy to find and the blue vinyl is easy to spot in baked goods food products

Powder-free glove leaves no residue, reducing the risk of contamination compared to a powdered glove




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